The Resource Area Scheduler is used to set the times a team:

  • presents their solution to the Team Challenge they chose to solve and
  • solve their Instant Challenge

Before looking at the scheduler, lets review the activities that have already taken place:

  • collected all the teams that are competing at the tournament (described here)
  • created a set of Team Challenge (TC) and Instant Challenge (IC) rooms where the solutions will be judged by appraisers (described here)
  • we assigned each of the teams to both a TC and an IC room  (described here)

Another activity has also been going on in the background.  Teams have created schedule requests that state when it would be convenient to schedule their team.  (described here)

As scheduling a tournament can take a significant amount of time, it is worth pausing at this point to ask:

  • do we know most of the teams?
    Teams can still be added and removed, but a significant change in the teams might require adding or removing rooms.
  • are you happy with the rooms?
    • do we have the right number of slots?
    • are we starting at the correct time?
    • are breaks and lunch at the correct time?
    • such changes will unschedule teams scheduled in the room
  • do we have most of schedule requests in the Resource Area?

If some of this information is still unknown, scheduling can begin, but you may need to rework parts or all of the schedule when more information is known.

Moving forward, scheduling can be either done manually, automatically, or both.  

  • when manually scheduling, individual teams are placed at specific slots in the schedule
  • the auto scheduler will look at teams that are unscheduled and attempt to place them in the schedule at an open slot that does not conflict with any of their schedule requests

A good tactic might be to run the auto scheduler first and then use manually scheduling to improve upon the work of the auto scheduler.

Both manual and auto scheduling of teams is directed from the Schedule Summary page.  Once you have established your tournament rooms, this is likely where you will spend most of your time.  You can get to the Schedule Summary page in a couple of ways:

  • On the red tab menu near the top of the Scheduler Dashboard, clicking the Schedule tab
  • From the Scheduler Dashboard, click the Schedule Teams button

As we continue with the sample schedule for the NH Affiliate tournament, we will

  1. run the Auto Scheduler
  2. look at manually editing the schedule

The following page describes the Scheduler Summary page.