The scheduler has a summary page that support both auto scheduling and manual scheduling.

The Schedule Summary page is the second tab on the scheduler red tab menu (Schedule).  The Schedule Teams button on the Scheduler Dashboard also displays this page.

The screen shot below show the sample schedule for the NH Affiliate tournament with teams assigned to rooms. Based on the Unscheduled column we can see that no teams have been scheduled yet.

Clicking on the icon to the left of any room, the schedule for that room is displayed.  The schedule for tc-art-2 is shown below.

  • the slots for scheduling teams appear on the right side of the page
    This reflected the structure in Setup Rooms. No teams are schedule so all the slots are open.
  • on the left side of the page are the unscheduled teams.
  • the Select Room area will navigate to other TC and IC rooms

How to schedule teams manually is discussed here.

Using the auto scheduler is discussed here.