The screen shot below shows the Scheduler Editor editing the room tc-sci. This page can be used to manually edit the schedule for this room.

From the page we can gather the following information:

  • we are editing the schedule of a Team Challenge
    We have the logo of the challenge displayed (Up Close: 2022 Scientific Challenge).
  • we can switch to other rooms using the Select Room dropdown
  • the teams currently scheduled appear on the right
    3 teams are scheduled in the 9am, 9:20am and 9:40am slots. The blue background also indicates Team Challenge (Instant Challenge has a green background for the scheduled slots).
  • the scheduled team are listed in the Unscheduled Teams area
    There are 9 unscheduled teams.
  • if there is a currently selected team, it's scheduling particulars are listed in the Current Team area
    In the screen shot, this is team 130-66733.  TC for this team is scheduled for 9:40a.  IC is currently unscheduled.

Here are actions you can take with the Schedule Editor:

  • double-clicking on a team in the schedule or unscheduled list makes it the current team
  • drag a team from the unscheduled list to an open slot to schedule the team at that time
  • click the icon to unschedule a team
  • click the icon to unassign the team (this means it is no longer in this room)
  • click Team in the Current Team area to go to this team's TC room
  • click Instant in the Current Team area to go to this team's IC room
  • click the icon for more information about this team's relationship to over teams