A primary purpose of DI Tournament is to provide each attending team an opportunity to:

  • show their Team Challenge solution
  • solve an Instant Challenge

Tournament Officials need to create a schedule that indicates when each attending team presents these solutions.

You can schedule a tournament in either of 2 ways:

  1. using the Resource Area scheduler (this technique is discussed in detail here)
    This is an interactive approach that steps you through adding teams to your tournament, defining appraiser rooms, and finding performance times for the teams.

  2. using a spread sheet that you import (this technique is discussed in detail here)
    In this case the Resource Area will provide you with a list of potential attending teams, but you define the appraiser rooms, and determine performance times for the teams.

To switch between the 2 methods, change the tournament property use scheduler (see Tournament Choices). This will change scheduling features accessed from Tournament=>schedule.  The default for a new tournament is to use the new scheduler.