There are 2 ways to help appraisers gain access to a tournament via the Mobile Client:

An appraiser can also login using their DI Account credentials (#3). Many appraisers have not logged in before so they may not know their password.  This page contains instructions to reset a password.  As emails and passwords are frequently difficult to type in using the limited keyboards of smartphones, this is likely the least desirable method.

#1 - Email containing URL

This is the best approach to use.  All appraisers have an email address registered with the Resource Area.

Note that this email is personalized for each appraiser.  Anyone with the URL can impersonate the appraiser.

To send such an email, pick the Appraisers by Room pane on Tournaments=>mobile scoring. Then pick the challenge room of interest. In the screen shot below we picked the Team Challenge Engineering room (LOP (tc-E)).

It is important to note that the URL in the email has a limited lifetime controlled by the dropdown to the right of Link in Email can access tournament. Start by picking the lifetime of the link.  You can then email a link to an appraiser by clicking the icon in their row of the table.  The Email All button will send the email to all the appraisers.

#2 - Text containing URL

Some appraisers don't have email on their mobile device but might be able to receive a text. If the Resource Area has a cell phone for the appraiser, it will be listed in the cell phone column.  If the number has been validated and the Resource Area knows the carrier associated with the number a icon will be displayed text access column.  Clicking on the icon will text the URL to the appraiser.

Note that this text is personalized for each appraiser.  Anyone with the URL can impersonate the appraiser.

If you know the cell phone number but it is not listed, click the icon next to the appraiser's name. The page displayed will allow you to add a cell phone number (more here).