Mobile Scoring is not an all or nothing approach. Some of the appraisers can score using the Mobile Client while others continue to score using paper.

If a tournament has a mix of scoring approaches, 

  • mobile scores are imported from the Mobile Clients and 
  • paper score are entered the old fashion way by data entry folk keying in scores from score sheets

You can note the approach being used by each appraiser by picking the Appraisers by Room pane on Tournaments=>mobile scoring. In the screen shot below we picked the Team Challenge Engineering room (LOP (tc-E)). This information is in the Kind column.  You have the following choices:

  • using paper: the default
  • using mobile
  • dropped mobile: to indicate someone using mobile dropped back to paper

The choice made does not effect how the Mobile Client works, however, it lets others know what to expect.

It is best if an individual challenge room is all mobile or all paper.  While a mix works, it loses a number of the advantages of Mobile Scoring and is more subject to human-error.  An example might be a subject score of zero or an objective score.  Mobile Clients will cross-check these scores to see that all appraisers enter the same score.  If one appraiser is using paper, this needs to be checked by hand.  Any speed advantage Mobile Scoring might have is also neutralized by the need to wait for the paper scores entered by hand.