The Tournaments menu brings together the set of features the Resource Area provides to support running tournaments.

Tournaments are the culmination of the Destination Imagination program.  Planning for them can take a month or more.  This planning involves scheduling teams, training appraisers to appraise the teams, hosting the event, scoring the teams, and determining the teams that will advance to the next level.

Support in the Resource Area for affiliates holding a tournament is best understood by following the activities that lead up to a tournament.  Below are a number of these activities and the parts of the Resource Area that support the activity.

Check here to understand activities that happen early in season such as defining regions.

Once you have a list of teams to compete at a tournament, you are now ready to flesh-out the tournament.  The Tournaments menu supports a sequence of steps that typically progress in the following order:

  1. establish the schedule of team performances (more detail)
    This step nails down the number of venues that will be needed for team challenge and instant challenge performances.

    Tournaments=>schedule supports this activity.

  2. enter the appraisers that will score the tournament (more detail)
    The number of appraisers needed is a balancing act between those available and the demands of the challenges.

    Tournaments=>appraisers supports this activity

  3. printing score sheets (more detail)
    Once the schedule has settled down and you know the appraisers, you can print score sheets if you like.

    Documents=>create score sheets supports this activity

  4. setting up the DI Scoring Program (more detail)
    At this stage you have defined much of the information needed to initialize the DI Scoring Program to score the tournament.  This step involves transferring information collected by the Resource Area to the DI Scoring Program.  Check here for more details.

  5. mobile scoring (limited availability -- more details)
    Mobile scoring supports appraisers entering their scores for teams using smartphones, tablets and laptops. This capability supports scores entered using these devices flowing to the DI Scoring Program that in turn scores the tournament.  Check here for more details.

  6. posting the tournament results (more detail)
    The Scoring Program calculates the winners of a tournament based on the scores that it recieves either from score sheets and/or mobile scoring.  In this step the Scoring Program can post back to the Resource Area the winners of the tournament.  

    The winners are the starting point for this process for the next level tournament.

    Tournament=>results supports this activity.