Many of the features of these websites require you to log in.

To log in, you need your DI Account credentials. This consists of:

  • an email address (needs to be unique across all DI Accounts)
  • the password for the account

DI has been moving toward a single account for people that use its websites (what we call the DI Account). The websites you can access with your DI Account include:

● ShopDI

● the Resource Area

● Global Finals / Events system

If you cannot remember your password, click the link Forgot My Password -- send new one on the Login page. This will bring you to a page where you can reset your password. At this point enter the email address of your DI Account. When you click the Email New Password button, your password will be reset and the reset password will be emailed to the email address.  If your DI Account has a validated cell phone number, you can click on Text New Password.  This will also reset your password and text the reset password to your cell phone.

If your email address registered with your DI Account is no longer valid:

● if you remember your password, log in; then change your email using My Account=>change my settings (main pane)

● if you don't remember your password, call the office at 888-321-1503 to get their assistance

Click here to create a new DI Account.