Score deductions / comments can be added and/or edited in:

As a quick review: 

  • Deductions are points that are subtracted from a team's score because of an intentional or unintentional rule violation. Points are removed from the corresponding scored items of the team's Raw Score that benefited from the rule violation.
  • Comments are notes on unusual scores. The most common use of a comment is to indicate the reason for a subjective-score-of-zero.

Deductions / Comments in the Resource Area

To work with deductions / comments in the Resource Area, you start from the pane for monitoring a specific challenge room.  The screen shot below shows this pane for the room GYM (tc-A) (for more on this pane).  The count of the number of deductions / comments a team has is listed in the column.  If you click on the count, it will take you to a page for this team's deductions / comments that we will discuss next.

Team Deductions / Comments

When you click on the count in the Teams by Room tab, a list of the deductions and comments will be displayed for the team as in the background screen shot below.  For this team (130-17225) the count was 0 so we see no deductions or comments.  To add a deduction, we click on the Add Deduction button that displays the screen shot in the foreground. The foreground screen requires you to provide the following:

  • Type / Category of the deduction: interference, illegal procedure, unsportsmanlike conduct, other
  • Scored Item: if a scored item is not listed, the item does not support a deduction
  • Amount / Method: the amount of the deduction and whether the amount is a percent of the score or the number of points
  • Appraiser: who wrote up the deduction - this is not reported to the team, but can be useful if you want more detail on the deduction
  • Reason: why the deduction is being given - the team does see this

Upon clicking the Save button you might see a screen similar to the one below.  It looks like someone has also added a comment while you were adding the deduction (perhaps using the Mobile Client).  Adding a comment using the Resource Area is done by clicking the Add Comment button.

A difference between this deduction and this comment is the symbol in the status column.  The deduction has a icon indicating the deduction is still in a draft state.  If you want to indicate the deduction is final, click on the icon.  If you want to further edit the deduction click the icon ( icon to delete). 

The comment shows a icon indicating it is in a final state.  Clicking the icon will change the state to draft.

Why all this state complication?  The Scoring Program harvests scores that are submitted (state).  Deductions are different than scores in a few ways:

  • much more rare - we add one occasionally when needed
  • they are not appraiser specific like scores so we don't know who will add a deduction
  • the Scoring Program supports a single deduction / comment per scored item

To give the Scoring Program a heads-up on deductions / comments, we have a draft and final state on each.

  • draft says there is a deduction coming - Scoring Program you don't have all you need for the team's scores yet
  • final say the deduction is ready for the Scoring Program