If you supply a team's scores using the Mobile Client and all deductions / comments using either the Mobile Client or the Resource Area, the Resource Area has all it needs to supply you with the team's raw scores.

This would mean for the team, paper scores were not used for any appraiser for that team and for any deductions / comments.

To see raw scores in the Resource Area, you start from the Team by Room tab for monitoring a specific challenge room.  The screen shot below shows this pane for the room GYM (tc-A) (for more on this pane).  If raw scores are ready, a icon is displayed in the raw column.  If you click the icon, the team's raw scores are displayed as shown further down the page.

The column headed by the icon, lists the number of online stickies created for the team.  Clicking on the number in this column for a team will take you to a page to add and review the Sticky Notes.  This column is absent if the tournament chose to use paper stickies.

The raw scores page displays the scoring information that you typically get from the Raw Scores report created by the Scoring Program.  You typically supplement this with Team Stickies.

Team Managers frequently want a copy.  Here is one way to do this.

  1. click the Scores Discussed button to indicate that you have discussed the scores with the team
    When the page refreshes, the Scores Discussed button will be replaced with an Email Scores button.

  2. clicking the Email Scores button will email the registered Team Managers a link to see the scores
    A link to the online stickies is in the email if the tournament chose the preference Online Stickies.