The menu pick Documents=>create score sheets is designed to print various types of PDF source sheets that can used at regional tournaments.

These score sheets fall into 2 kinds:

  • blank score sheets: 
    These have no specific tournament information on them.  There is an area in the upper left where Team Information can be supplied either using a label or written by hand.
  • pre-printed score sheets:
    Here the website will use information it has about a tournament to print Team Information in the upper left corner.

The page is setup as a wizard with 4 panes:

  • Blank Scores Sheets: from this pane you can print any of score sheets and worksheet provided by DIHQ.  If you plan to use labels, this pane will provide you with the base score sheets to affix your labels.
  • Room Score Sheets: this is the pane you would likely use if you want to print out pre-printed score sheets for your tournament.
  • Misc Sheets: a couple of extra forms that Appraiser's have found useful.
  • Team Score Sheets: if you need a pre-printed form for a specific team, use this pane.  An example might be a deduction worksheet for a particular team.

All the pre-printed score sheets rely on you uploading team information and tournament schedule information.  Check out Teams=>Import / Export for more details on providing this information.

Blank Score Sheets

For a blank score sheet, simply choose the year and challenge.  The pane will list the available score sheets.  Choose the sheet you want from the drop down and click the Generate button.  A copy of the blank sheet should be created in a new tab of your browser.

Room Score Sheets

This pane will print out the score sheets for a Team Challenge Room (one for each team in the room in performance order).  For a discussion of rooms click here.  This is the likely pane you would use for printing pre-printed score sheets.  If you have 1 Prep Area Appraiser, you can print out a set of Prep Checklists for that Appraiser.  Similarly, if you have 4 Team Challenge Appraisers, you can print a set of Appraiser Score Sheets 4 times.

The controls on the pane continually refine your selection.  

  1. select your affiliate
  2. the tournament within the affiliate
  3. the challenge room within the tournament
  4. finally the form / score sheet within the challenge room
  5. click the Generate button

A set of the score sheets you chose in step 4 will be created in a new tab in your browser.

Misc Sheets

There are 2 miscellaneous score sheets available:

  • Notes: creates a sheet for recording notes on teams an Appraiser sees
  • Signs: will create a sheet per team containing information on that team

Notes might be used for tracking information about potential awards or just memory jogs for an Appraiser.
Signs might be used for hanging on the wall to indicate scores are ready for review with the team

Team Score Sheets

This pane lets you print a score sheet for an individual team.  

Perhaps an Appraiser needs a new copy of a sheet.  Other sheets are used less frequently, such as deduction worksheets.  With this pane you can print deduction worksheets on demand.