Tournaments=>appraisers supports identifying your tournament appraisers and indicating which scoring items will be scored by each. Once we complete this task, we will be ready to load the DI Scoring Program with the information it needs to score the tournament (more here).  If you are using Mobile Scoring, we'll have the necessary information for appraisers to run the Mobile Client.

There are 3 basic steps to building Appraiser Teams:

  1. recruit the people that will appraise
  2. forming teams of appraisers that will appraise/judge teams of participants/kids
  3. identifying the items within that challenge each appraiser will score

#1 Recruit the people that will appraise

Each tournament has its own technique for recruiting appraisers.  Some tournaments require each team to recruit an adult to appraise at their tournament.  Others look to people who have appraised at tournaments in prior years.  Some have the challenge masters for each challenge do the recruiting.  There are a few techniques for tracking potential appraisers and their preferences and restrictions:

  • Register Your Teams (the registration system many tournaments use to register teams) can collect this information for you
  • You can collect it in a spreadsheet
  • Your can collect it any way you like and enter the appraisers individually

#2 Forming teams of appraisers that will appraise teams of participating kids

This is the step where the Resource Area comes into play.  Through scheduling the Resource Area identifies the rooms of appraisers that will be needed (more here).  It supports several techniques for placing potential appraisers collected in step #1 in rooms (ie on a team of appraisers).  In each case the Resource Area needs to

  • collect information about the appraiser so we can create a DI Account for them
  • understand the job they will perform on the appraiser team (such as Head Appraiser or Scoring Appraiser)
  • understand the challenge they will be appraising
    • for Team Challenge this will be one of this season's team challenges
    • for Instant Challenge in this step we simply need to know they are appraising Instant Challenge (the actual instant challenge they appraise will be set later)

You have a choice on how you assemble the rooms of appraisers.  

  • You can enter your choices directly into the Resource Area (more here)
  • You can use the information collected by Register Your Teams to build appraiser teams  (more here)
  • You can import the information using a spreadsheet (more here)

You can combine these approaches.  Choosing one does not eliminate using another.

#3 Identifying the items in the challenge each appraiser will score

This step typically take place close to the tournament date, but is a necessary step for Mobile Scoring and configuring the DI Scoring Program.

For Team Challenge appraisers, this step involves selecting which of the scored items in the Challenge each appraiser will score. The scored items are listed in the challenge and on the printed score sheets DI provides.  For those familiar with the DI Scoring Program, this step is equivalent to filling out an Appraiser Assignment Sheet.

In Instant Challenge, all appraisers score all items, however, the actual challenge is typically unknown until the morning of the tournament.  Before doing appraiser assignments, we need to identify the Instant Challenge.  (more here)