The DI Scoring Program contains features for importing information about your tournament.  These features include:

  • importing your schedule of teams
  • importing your appraisers and their assignments
  • exporting tournament results

When using Mobile Scoring, you can also import scores from Mobile Clients into the DI Scoring Program.

In general this integration includes:

  • directly transferring the data between the Resource Area and the DI Scoring Program OR
  • exporting the data as a .CSV file and then importing that same data into the other tool

To directly transfer data from the Resource Area to the DI Scoring Program, the Scoring Program will ask you for your DI Account credentials (email and password).  This will give you access to tournaments where you are:

  • the AD or Affiliate Administrator
  • an ACM for Scoring
  • an RD
  • an RCM for Scoring

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