The features on the Tournaments menu rely on teams being assigned to regions.  Theses activities happen earlier in the DI Season.  These activities are described below:

  1. the purchase of team numbers
    Teams participating in the DI program for the year need to purchase team numbers.  Team number purchase is handled by the DI Store (also referred to as the Shop).  Team number typically go on sale mid-summer of the year before the tournaments.

  2. defining regions for the season
    In larger affiliates, the affiliate is divided into geographic Regions.  Each of these Regions hosts a Regional Tournament.  These Regions are typically defined in the summer before the tournaments by the Affiliate Director. For smaller affiliates there is only an Affiliate Tournament that covers the entire affiliate.

    Regions are defined in the Resource Area by the Affiliates=>manage regions menu pick.

  3. assigning teams to regions
    In this step, teams are assigned to a Region.  This will define the tournament where the teams will compete.  There are a number of ways this happens.  The Affiliate Director can perform this task using the menu pick Teams=>assign regions. Other affiliates have affiliate specific ways of doing this and then upload the results to the Resource Area.

  4. defining tournaments associated with each region (more detail)
    Whereas Regions are typically defined early in the season, tournament locations and dates sometimes come later as the affiliate negotiates with those providing the space.  This negotiation can be based on the number of teams being hosted.

    Tournaments are defined in the Resource Area on the Tournament=>dashboard menu pick. This pick lists the current tournaments and allows you to add new tournaments.