The DI Scoring Program will import appraisers and their assignments for your tournament from the Resource Area.

To import your appraisers and their assignments, you need to have the appraiser assignements in the Resource Area (more here). 


Note that to use this feature, it needs to be enabled in the DI Scoring Program preferences. For more click here.

There are 2 ways to import appraisers:

  1. all challenge-levels at once (more here)
  2. a challenge-level at a time (more here)

The approach you take for your tournament might depend on:

  • if all the appraiser assignments are settled at about the same time
  • how comfortable you are with the Scoring Program's appraiser merge features

Both approaches allow you to import more than once, however, the complexity of the Merge Appraiser dialog box for the entire tournament typically is more prone to making mistakes.

On the other hand, the merge appraiser dialog box for a single challenge-level is considerably simpler, but you need to import the appraisers for each challenge-level.