The screen shot below illustrates when the current team in the Schedule Editor has a few schedule issues.

First note the TC and IC times are highlighted in red. This points out theses times are closer than the TC-IC separation (1hr in this case).  So this should be fixed.

Below the scheduled times is an analysis of related teams.  Each team with related schedule requests gets a line. There are 3 columns for the different times of related teams

  • kid relationship to the other team
  • team manager (tm) relationship to the other team
  • family relationship to the other team

These are further divide for the TC and IC time.  If the TC or IC time has no issue, it is not highlighted.  The highlighting has the following meaning:

  • red: a violation that must be address
  • orange: too close by your separation rules
  • grey: unschedule

To find out more click the icon and a page like the one below will appear in a new browser tab.  It will give you more detail on the times of the related teams and more detail on time requests.