Secrecy is an important aspect of Instant Challenge.  To help maintain secrecy, instant challenge appraisers typically don't know the Instant Challenge they will appraise until the morning of the tournament.

The DI Scoring Program needs to know how to score these challenges, however, it can be downloaded by just about anyone.  To maintain secrecy, the Scoring Program's knowledge of the instant challenges is limited to:

  • the name of the challenge such as R2E (R=regional challenge 2=#2 E=an entry level challenge)
  • the scored items typically known as A B C D... The text describing the scored item is only known by the appraisers in the IC room.

Before the Resource Area can assign items for an IC appraiser to score, it needs to know the instant challenge the room will be appraising.  Specifying the instant challenge for each room is the purpose of Set Instant Challenges pane of Tournaments=>appraisers.  Below is a screen shot of this page:

Use the dropdowns to select a challenge for each Instant Challenge room.