As explained in the intro to Officials Registration, people become officials through a variety of different paths:

  • appraisers, score room, events team, and misc support positions such as concession are assigned a job via build event teams after being nominated and filling out an application
  • ADs, RDs, ATDs, Trustees (BOT), ICMs, Staff do not go through this process.  They attain the right to attend the event based on their position in the organization

This still leaves a set of officials that need to be registered:

  • contractors for the event
  • dignitaries that we call VIPs

All officials (other than the guest of another official) need a DI Account so they can register.  Furthermore, the Staff needs to identify who is a VIP or contractor.  The Misc Attendees pane is the means of identifying these people.

The process for adding one of these individual is as follows:

  1. check to see if the individual is already on the list
    If so, you are done unless they are of the wrong kind of official.  In this case, delete them using the and add them again.

  2. click on the Add button
    This will give you an opportunity to search for their account.  Please don't create an alternate account with a different email address.  Instead to User Account=>change user settings and change their email address.
    • If you don't find a DI Account for them, you can go to User Account=>create account to create a new account.

  1. click on the appropriate to add them as a VIP or contractor
    • note that VIPs and contractor registration is different
      • VIPs need to pay for their room and board
      • Contractor room and board is paid for by DI

  1. the individual should now be listed as a contractor or VIP
    • you can click on their name to being the registration process
    • they can also log in to their DI Account and register via the Officials menu
    • you can delete them until such time as they start to register