Global Finals takes approximately 500 adults to run. Most of these people are volunteers.  They include:

  • appraisers
  • international challenge masters
  • non-appraising volunteers that help with
    • team registration
    • events for the kids
    • concessions
    • vip hosts

This group collectively is known as officials.  Officials Registration registers the people listed above for the event.

Officials Registration also lists some additional groups of people.  They include:

  • affiliate directors (most attend)
  • regional directors (most do not attend)
  • affiliate training directors (most do not attend)
  • board trustees
  • the DIHQ staff
  • contractors
  • visiting dignitaries (VIPs)

One group that this wizard does NOT register are teams competing including their team managers.  This is done by the Team Registration part of the website.  It also does not register the University of Tennessee staff.

Understanding these groups helps in understanding the registration process.  The process officials follow to register has additional steps over the remainder (2nd list).

Officials go through the following steps:

  1. nomination
  2. apply
  3. selection
  4. register

The remaining officials only need to go through the last step, register.