The Housing pane in Officials Registration opens a new wizard used by the DIHQ staff to help assign officials housing.

Housing fitting into the Officials Registration process as follows:

  1. determine the officials that will attend the event
    • nomination and build event teams does much of this
    • certain people due to their role (such as ADs and Staff) can attend the event
    • another group of misc attendees are designated by the Staff
  1. all the people from step #1 register on this website
    Among the steps is the registration process is Housing.  Here they let us known:
    • the days they will be at the event
    • whether they want
      • a roommate they choose
      • a roommate we choose
      • a single
      • room with a guest
  1. once the majority of officials register, a process starts to assign hotel rooms based on what they want
    The Housing wizard helps the Staff perform this task.