Misc Actions for Officials Registration supports actions that are necessary but infrequent.

The controls in the Dates for Officials box, control when various parts of Officials Registration are open for the current event.  The date ranges are typically set during setup.  


  • Nomination is in the fall
  • Survey (the application) centers around the new year
  • then comes build event teams (which happens in Jan - Feb)
  • Registration that follows the building of the event teams

These dates control when these actions are open to the general public.  They are open to the Staff at all times.

The buttons at the bottom of the pane perform various actions associated with Officials Registration:



Email Invitation

Nomination collects a set of potential officials.  Email Invitation sends an email to each of these potential officials asking them to apply (take the survey).  So this is the step that advances the process from nomination to survey.  Note that the action can be done more than once.  It records who has been invited and only emails those that have not yet been invited.

Email Reminder

Officials that are sent an invitation to apply can put off doing so and then forget.  Or start through the application process and not complete it.  Email Reminder sends a reminder email to those that has been invited but have not yet completed the application.

Fix Duplicate Nominees

This action attempts to clean up some problems that might arise during nomination.  Nominees can be nominated by more that one person.  If a nominee has a DI Account, we use it to track the nominee.  Nominees without DI Accounts are initially tracked without creating a DI Account. The account is created when the the nominee starts the application.  This tends to result in more reliable information in the account.  Due to this approach, we can end up with inconsistent nomination records that could result in unwanted emails to a nominee that has already completed the survey.  This action tries to spot and fix these problems. 

Update Kind

People are nominated and apply that will not be assigned a job by build event teams.  A few of these people, in fact, have other jobs at the event.  This action looks through the list of nominees that have no area and checks to see if they might be fulfilling a different kind of job at the event and changes their kind of official.  This is probably best understood via an example.  An ICM for Challenge A is nominated and fills in the application.  She is not going to get assigned a job since her job is to be the ICM.  This action will switch her from being an official to being an ICM.  The same might be true of an AD, BOT, contractor, Staff.  Why is it important to change the kind?  Many of these special roles have different arrival days. The action will only process officials that are have no area (see build event teams Area pane).