Selection is the process of converting a list of officials that volunteered to work at Global Finals into teams of officials with specific jobs.

This process is known as selection or build event teams.  You might hear either one used. 

The Build Event Teams wizard supports the building of teams of officials for Global Finals. The wizard is quite complex because the process is complex. This page describes many of the concepts behind building teams of officials. Understanding these concepts will likely make the wizard more understandable. Before attempting to use the wizard it would be a good idea to understand the concepts. 


The Process and the Players

Who is an Official?

Global Finals has many different types of people in attendance. These include Appraisers, Affiliate Directors, Team Managers, DIHQ staff, International Challenge Masters, and volunteers that support the website, team registration, and events. Most of these attendees need housing, however, only a subset are assembled into teams by this wizard. We refer to the group assembled into teams by the wizard as Officials. These include non-Appraising areas such as the Score Room and Team Registration personnel as well as both Instant Challenge and Team Challenge Appraisers.


The people available to place on these teams are volunteers that have filled out an application to be an Official (Officials => apply). Those involved in the management of the event such as ICMs are not assigned jobs by this wizard. In fact, ICMs have access to this wizard to assemble their teams.


Many of the non-Appraising areas are setup by the DIHQ Staff. Each of these areas typically has a group leader.


Challenges, Categories, Areas, and Sites

While ICMs might think of the teams of officials by challenge and level, this website looks at the teams a bit differently. To be a bit more general, teams of officials are organized in the following hierarchy:

    • Category 
      • Area
        • Site

There are 3 Categories:

  1. non-Appraising (NA): this handles team registration, the score room, events team, etc
  2. instant challenge (IC): this handles instant challenge appraisers
  3. team challenge (TC): this handles team challenge appraisers


These Categories are then broken down into Areas. Non-Appraising has 2 Areas: the score room and everything else. Instant Challenge is just one Area. Team Challenge has an Area for each challenge.


Areas are also broken down into Sites. Sites are used by Team Challenge to distinguish Elementary from Middle, etc.


While Categories and Areas are built into the website, Sites are not. New Sites can be created or Sites can be merged. This supports splitting challenges or merging levels as need be.

50,000 ft View

An individual's journey to become for Global Finals official has quite a few steps:

  1. the individual is nominated by one or more ADs, RDs, ATDs, Staff, etc
  2. the nominee is sent email requesting she complete the application that shows her preferences for various jobs
  3. once finished the application, the nominee is assigned automatically to her first-choice Area
  4. after most of the nominees have finished applying, ICMs start assigning officials to jobs using this wizard
  5. once most of the nominees have been assigned, each nominee is informed by email of the Area where they have been assigned. The email includes instructions for registering for housing.
  6. the official register for housing
  7. the Staff works with UT to work out room specifics
  8. the official show up at Global Finals
  9. Head Appraisers and ICMs evaluate the offical after the tournament


This wizard handles steps 4, 5, and 9.


Understanding the steps might point out why an individual you are interested in is not on a particular list.

International Challenge Master Role

As an ICM you will spend most of your time before Global Finals using the Teams pane. This pane can be used to assign jobs to the officials that are in your Area. You might use the Officials pane to check on an official you expected as part of your team but do not see. This will let you know if they completed the application or simply chose a different Area as their first choice.


If you need more officials to fill your teams, you can also use the Officials pane to see who might be available. The Counts pane might let you know if another Area might be willing to relinquish the official. You will need to contact a Program Director to move an official between Areas.


After Global Finals, you can use the Evaluations pane to:

  • add your own evaluations
  • track whether your Head Appraisers have completed their evaluations

Program Director Role

The Program Directors are responsible for this process. They will likely use the wizard as follows:

  • use the Counts pane to monitor the state of the process 
    • it can tell you when we have a critical mass of officials to start assigning jobs
    • it can tell you when the process is largely over
    • it can give you ideas about when to transfer officials between Areas
  • you probably won't be assigning jobs to officials, but can if any ICM team is unable
  • you can use the Areas pane to move officials between Areas to rebalance teams
  • after Global Finals, you can use the Evaluations pane to monitor evaluations



Staff typically has the following tasks:

  • assigning jobs for the non-Appraising Area. They would do this as described above for an ICM.
  • adding old style evaluations. This can be done using the Eval Actions pane.



The only administration specific work is to set up for a new year using the Misc Actions pane.