The Areas pane is only visible to Program Directors and Staff. It is used to move officials between Areas.

The Areas pane has 3 tables:

  1. the current list of Flexible officials (aka Spackle)
    These are officials that will likely get invited to attend Global Finals without a specific job. They are a cushion to deal with problems at Global Finals. 

  2. a list of all officials in all Areas with no job assignment
    Initially this list will be large due to most officials not being assigned. As job assignments are made, the list will shrink but will show imbalances such as more officials interested in certain Areas as their first choice or fewer officials needed in one Area than another. This pane gives Program Directors the opportunity to correct these imbalances. 

  3. a list of all officials with no area
    This list will initially be empty. However as officials realize they cannot attend, are being used in positions outside the Areas covered here, or are just not a good fit, Program Directors can move such officials into no area using this pane.

The controls on this page are similar to other pages. The box Assign Officials to Area will reassign either a Flexible official or one with no current job to a different Area. The ICMs can then assign a job to the official in the Teams pane.


The icons in column 1 of the tables provide means of moving officials also.

  • icon will remove an official from no area and place them back in an area
  • icon will 
    • for a Flexible appraiser, put them back on the list of officials with no job
    • for an Official with no job, will add them to no area

The no area table also provides a Reason column for indicating why the official is not being assigned a job.  Please use the reasons to we can remember why an official is not being used.