Creating and editing a public clarification is quite similar to editing a private clarification (private clarifications are discussed here).  There are a few differences:

  1. public clarifications are created by clicking on the Add Public button on the Answer Clarification pane
    Private clarifications are created by teams.
  2. public clarifications become visible on this website when they are marked answered
    They will be listed as a clarification for the appropriate challenge on the My Clarifications page.  They will also appear on the Public Clarifications pane.  Private clarifications, in contrast, are emailed to the team and visible on the Private Clarifications pane.
  3. a public clarification is given a small integer number so it might be referred to as Public Clarification #2 for the improv challenge
  4. public clarifications have no question

Other than these changes, the process of answering public clarification is quite similar to private clarifications.  Below is a screen shot of the page for answering a public clarification.  

In the upper left,

  • you select the number to assign the clarification
    Note that these numbers need to be unique within a challenge (ie the structural challenge cannot have 2 #3 clarifications).
  • the challenge dropdown lets you choose the challenge the public clarification applies to

The remaining controls are identical to private clarifications.  See the discussion of private clarifications for an explanation of these controls.