The Misc Actions pane manages tagging and deleting unwanted saved responses.

The left side of pane lets you add and delete tags.

  • to add a tag
    • select the correct challenge using the filter
    • place the phrase denoting the tag in text field to the right of the Define Tag button
    • click the Define Tag button
    • it should appear in the tag list 
    • note that tags are challenge specific
  • to delete a tag
    • click on the icon to the left of the tag name
    • upon deletion, no clarifications will reference the tag

The right side of the pane will list a challenge's saved responses.

  • to delete a save response
    • click on the icon to the left of the response name
    • deleting has no effect on existing clarifications.  If a saved response is used in an answer, the response is copied into the answer for that clarification.