Clarifications are a way for teams to ask a question about a Team Challenge and receive an answer from an authoritative source, the International Challenge Masters.

The players involved in clarifications is as follows:



program director - PD

the program directors manage the clarification process.  This includes assisting ICMs with the drafting of both private and public clarifications answers.


generate the answers to clarifications.  


typically have a general interest in seeing clarifications so they can forward them to people in their affiliate for use at events such as tournaments.


typically like to be able to review the clarifications for their challenge as a means of understanding what their appraisers might see.  The clarifications answers flesh-out the definition of the challenge.

DI Staff

are available to assist.  This is usually by helping get players so they can use the system.

team coordinator - TC

can ask a clarification for their teams

team manager - TM

can ask a clarification for their teams

team member - TK

can ask a clarification for their teams

The clarification system can be found on the Resource Area's Teams=>clarifications menu item.

Not every player sees the same thing:

  • TCs, TMs and TKs see a page called My Clarifications
    from this page they can:
    • see if the clarification system is open or closed (and when it will close)
    • see the public clarifications
    • ask a clarification
    • monitor the progress of the clarifications their team has asked
  • ADs, ACMs, RCMs see panes for
    • the public clarifications 
    • the private clarifications that have been answered
    • a score card that indicates the number of clarifications answered and in the pipeline
    • my clarifications in case they happen to be a member of a team too
  • PDs and ICMs see
    • all the panes seen by ADs, ACMs and RCMs
    • a score card that shows more detail on the status of clarifications
    • the answer pane where they can answer clarifications
    • a misc actions pane where they can perform misc tasks such as define a tag