The tournament menu deals with teams, online forms, a schedule of performances, appraisers with assignments and the scoring of the teams by appraisers.  There are relationships among these data that you need to be mindful of when making changes.

This indented list below can be read as follows:

  • a tournament consists of a set of teams and rooms
  • a team has online forms and performance times in a TC and IC room
  • a room has a scheduled set of teams and appraisers
  • an appraiser has a set of items to score and scores for these items for each team

What happens if you delete a team from a tournament?

  • its online forms need to be deleted
  • it needs to be removed from the schedule
  • any scores for the team are deleted

What happens if you delete a room from a tournament?

  • the teams in the room are unscheduled
  • the appraisers are no longer associated with the room so their assignments and scores are deleted


    • Teams
      • Online Forms
      • TC Room
      • IC Room
    • Room
      • Teams
      • Appraisers
        • Assigned Score Items
          • Scores

It is prudent to think about such changes before making them. 

Online forms are an important relationship to consider.  Tournament Data Forms and Expense Reports are NOT specific to a tournament.  If a team is relocated to a different tournament or might be attending the next level tournament, they will see these forms as they did at prior tournaments (thus they don't need to start over for each new tournament).  Prep Checklists are specific to a tournament so the one filled out for a Regional is not displayed for the Affiliate tournament.  When deleting or fully resetting a tournament, you could lose a team's Prep Checklist.

Importing a schedule from a .CSV is a special case.  The importer has an option (remove rooms and assignments), that gives you a bit of control.

By default when you import a team schedule, the importer adds to the current rooms rather than expunging them. This maintains the appraiser / assignment / room relationships.  Scoring is reset. 

If you use the remove rooms and assignments option, the scheduler does the following:

  • scoring is reset
  • it removes all appraiser assignments
  • it moves all the appraisers to the unassigned rooms
  • it removes all the rooms
  • the import then goes into a new set of rooms
  • online forms are maintained for teams that remain a part of the tournament

If you want to do a more complete reset of your tournament, check out Edit Tournament.