Unassigned rooms do not really exist at the tournament.  They are a holding location for appraisers that you have not assigned to rooms yet.

There are 2 unassigned rooms:

  • tc-unassigned to hold unassigned Team Challenge appraisers
  • ic-unassigned to hold unassigned Instant Challenge appraisers

Here is a way one affiliate uses these rooms:

  • the assignment of instant challenge appraisers is postponed until just before the tournament
    As a result all IC appraisers start in ic-unassigned.
  • if a specific team challenge has more than one room at a tournament, the appropriate number of appraisers are assign to these challenges, but assignment to rooms is also postponed until just before the tournament.
    As a result all TC appraiser start in tc-unassigned

Using this approach the appraiser import file (more here) only specifies the appraiser's challenge and not the room. When initially loaded, all the appraisers are unassigned. The Assign from Unassigned button is used to assign all the challenges that have a single room.  IC and the multi-room team challenges are then assigned just before the tournament from the unassigned rooms.