Each appraiser needs a DI Account so the Resource Area can keep track of them.  It is a central record allowing efficient update of this information when it needs to be changed.

Your appraisers may already have a DI Account if they hold a position such as a Challenge Master or have bought a Team Number over the years.  It works best if a person has a single DI Account.  That avoids the Resource Area thinking of them as more than one individual.

While you can associate a considerable amount of information with your account (such as address information), to be an appraiser we need the following:

  • first name
  • last name
  • email (each DI Account has a unique email)
  • gender

We would also like your cell phone number.  When you are at a tournament, this might be the best way to reach you.

Once a DI Account is created, the information the account might store is described here.