The Mobile Client allows a Scoring Appraiser to add/edit one or more sticky notes for a team.

This feature is only available if the tournament has enabled Online Stickies.


A Sticky Note is a brief message to the team describing what you enjoyed about their team presentation. It is a positive comment that is best if specific so you convey details unique to this team.  It shows you were paying attention.  A sticky note should not convey any expectation about the scores the team will receive (ie that was the best ... I saw all day).  Also avoid what is known as micro aggression (eg I'm impressed a team of girls,...)

Sticky Notes are frequently presented to the team with their Raw Scores. Think of them as possibly easy the disappointment of a presentation that did not as expected.

Sticky Notes are added/edited on the Scoring tab for a specific team as is illustrated below.  When presented to teams, the author of notes is not disclosed.