Mobile Scoring approaches scoring a tournament using mobile devices such as cell phones, tablets and laptops rather than traditional paper score sheets. The menu pick Tournaments=>mobile client will start / launch the Mobile Client.

The features of mobile scoring provided for appraisers vary based on appraiser kind.

Scoring Appraisers

The Mobile Client was specifically developed to meet the scoring needs of these appraisers.  While these appraisers can log into the Resource Area and see the overall progress of the tournament, it is expected that they will spend their time using the Mobile Client on their cell phone, tablet or laptop. 

You will find more on the Mobile Client here

Head Appraisers and Prep Area Appraisers

The Mobile Scoring features for these appraisers are found in the Resource Area.  To access these features the appraiser team will need a tablet or laptop. While you could use a cell phone, most of pages are easier to follow on a larger screen.

Access to the features you might need are through the buttons on the dashboard (Tournaments=>dashboard).

The primary page for an appraiser team is the Teams by Room (a tab on the red tab menu) under the Tournaments=>mobile scoring menu pick. The Access Mobile Scoring button on the dashboard will take you directly to this tab for your room.  The Teams by Room page is covered here.

Other pages of interest to this group of appraisers from the dashboard include:

  • Review Online Forms to see teams' Tournament Data Forms, Expense Reports and Prep Checklists
  • Review Clarifications to see clarifications answered for the teams at your tournament

Mobile Scoring requires teams to enter this information using the Resource Area.  This information is delivered to Scoring Appraisers using the Mobile Client and to the rest of the appraiser team using the Review Online Forms button on the dashboard or from the prep column is the list of teams on Teams by Room. .  Online Forms and Clarification is discussed here.