The Results Dashboard is the default pane on the red tab menu for posting results.  The screen shot below shows its initial state at a tournament.

The majority of the page displays the status of each challenge-level at your tournament.  The challenges are each a vertical column with the levels of that challenge (ie challenge-levels or challevs) listed beneath.  A challev is a set of teams that are competing at a tournament.

Each challev consists of:

  • aqua row listing the level (and optional split) and the count of teams in the challev
  • scored row indicating the number of teams where we have final scores
    • orange shading indicates no final scores - count is blank
    • yellow shading indicates the number of final scores is less than the number of teams in the challev (this likely indicates a no-show)
    • green shading indicates we have final scores for all teams in the challev
    • clicking the icon will display the detailed scores of the teams in the challev
  • tc-special lists the special awards for this challev
    • the team counts (right column) consist of 2 numbers
      • left number is the total number of proposed awards
      • right number is the number of approved awards
    • if a challev has no awards it is shaded grey
    • if a challev has awards it has a green shade (see Fine Arts SL below)
    • clicking the icon will take you to the page where this challev awards are managed

So how do these counts get updated?  More further down this page.

Updating the counts on this page

Scoring is done by the DI Scoring Program.  That is where we need to go to get an update.  As explained here, use Send Tournament Results to DIHQ on the Scoring Program File menu to get an update.  The dashboard might look like the screen shot below after doing so.  Most of the scoring is complete (in the green).  We do have a couple of incomplete challevs (Scientific ML and Engineering SL).  Both of these challevs consist of a single team that is a No Show (need to get this info from the Score Room).

What results can we print out? More further down this page.

Printing out Results

The results reports available in the Resource Area are listed in the Reports area of the Results Dashboard.

  • Announce is designed to announce the results of the tournament (more here)
  • Hall of Scores is designed to present more details on the scoring of each challev (more here)
  • Special Awards is designed to present more details on the tournament's special awards (more here)

You can customize these reports to some degree by clicking the Set Preferences button.  This lets you order the reporting of the challenges in the reports.  More on this topic here.