The Announce List is a PDF file that reports the results of the tournament at a high level.  It is designed to be used announce the results at a gathering such as Closing Ceremonies.  Below is an excerpt from the Announce List (one challev).  The full report includes all challevs in the order specified by the tournament preferences (more here). 

Hopefully the information on the page is intuitive as announcing results is not a good time to make errors.  As the key explains:

  • letter G following the place indicates the team is going on to the next level of competition
  • letter T following the place indicates a tie
  • an asterisk following the team number indicates the organization has more than one team in the challev so it is best to also include the team number when announcing the team
  • if there are special awards, each will be listed giving
    • the type of award: davinci, renaissance, spirit, torchbearer
    • the team number, organization and team name
    • whether the award is for a team or individual
    • the appraiser synopsis of the reasons for giving the award