This section is a quick tutorial on using the Mobile Client.




what it looks like


gaining access to your tournament

You likely will receive a URL via email or text from a tournament official such as your Head Appraiser. If you click on that link, it will log you in. You can also log in using your Resource Area credentials (email/password). 

For more details on operation, click here.

Email subject is: Welcome to Mobile Scoring


tournament selection

In this step you select the tournament where you will be appraising.  If you don't see any tournaments, you might be using the wrong DI Account or the tournament has not been fully set up yet.

Click on the tournament where you are appraising.


team selection

This step displays the teams you will be scoring.  To score a team, click on that team.

For more details on operation, click here.


team scoring

In this step, you enter your scores for the team. Only the items you are assigned to score will be displayed. After entering your scores, use the Submit button to submit your scores to the Score Room.

The Submit button will take you back to step 3 so you are ready to score the next team.

This step also gives you access:

  • the team's online forms via Documents tab
  • message from Prep via the Messages tab
  • creating sticky notes

For more detail on operation, click here