The Prep Process prepares a team to:

  • present their solution to the Team Challenge they chose to solve
  • solve their Instant Challenge

The process for Team Challenge and Instant Challenge are typically quite different as you will see below, but in both cases the appraisers handling the process in general are:

  1. looking to gather the necessary information the appraisers need to judge the solution
  2. put the team at ease so they are ready so show their stuff - many local customs exist for doing this

The emphasis of this discussion is the gathering of information (#1).

For Instant Challenge, the information needed is covered in the IC Prep Checklist. This checklist is reviewed before the team starts the instant challenge. Teams are asked to fill the checklist form in advance of showing up at a tournament to do their Instant Challenge. 

For Team Challenge, the process is more complicated as there is more information that needs to be given to the appraisers:

  • Tournament Data Form (different for each Team Challenge)
  • Expense Report 
  • Questions posed on the TC Prep Checklist (different for each Team Challenge)

How and when these forms get transmitted also can vary from tournament to tournament.

If a tournament chooses a Prep Pre-check, the team is asked to submit these forms online by a deadline that is typically a few days before the actual tournament.  In this case, the appraisers will review your forms and give you feedback if issues are discovered.  This is similar to the review that was historically done in Prep just before the team's presentation.  The advantage of doing the review a few days in advance of the tournament is that the team has more time to adjust to changes requested.

The steps in the Prep Pre-check process are:

  1. the team submits their online forms by the deadline (now in submitted state)
  2. the appraisers review the material
  3. if changes are requested, the team managers will get an email describing the issue (Prep set state to resubmit)
  4. the team can make the changes and send a message back to the appraisers (Click here for more on how this is done)
  5. the appraisers will review the changes (Prep sets state back to submitted)

The Prep Area Appraiser will make the final review just before the team is due to present and give the final OK (state moved to ready).

If a tournament does not have a Prep Pre-check or a team does not meet the Pre-check deadline, their forms will be reviewed just prior to the presentation (the historical approach). (state will be changed from unsubmitted to ready)

Communication between the Team and Officials is described here in detail.