Starting in the DI 2021-22 season, DI is transitioning to online forms.

What does this mean?  DIHQ will no longer be creating single-sheet paper forms that teams fill out and bring to prep for the Prep Area Appraiser to review.  Instead teams are asked to complete these forms in the Resource Area.

Teams create these forms for the benefit of the appraisers.  The table below indicates the content of each form.



Tournament Data Form (TDF)

information that aids in appraising your Presentation - the content is described in each Team Challenges and in the online TDF.

Expense Report

presents your team's expenses in producing your solution.  Each Team Challenge has budget described in the Team Challenge.  See the Rules of the Road for important details such as which items are exempt from cost.

Team Challenge Prep Checklist

The prep checklist reviews your Team Challenge for required features, safety points, and checks if your team had any interference in the solution. 

Instant Challenge Prep Checklist

The prep checklist includes the Instant Challenge Pledge where your team agrees not to discuss their instant challenge with others. .

Tournament still have a choice as to whether appraisers gain access to the forms online or the team is asked to print copies to bring to the tournament.  You can tell your tournament's choice:

  • Teams=>my tournaments: check the forms column 
  • The introductory text at the beginning of the Prep Checklist also indicates this choice

So what are the choices?

  • paper: your appraisers will use paper
    In this case, you are asked to print out
    • 5 copies of your TDF
    • 1 copy of your Expense Report
    • 1 copy of your TC Prep Checklist
    • 1 copy of your IC Prep Checklist
  • online: your appraisers will view your forms online
    In this case you do not need to print anything.