The function of the Prep Checklist is to show the Appraisal Team that your team is ready to be appraised.

What your team needs to show depends on whether we are talking Instant Challenge or Team Challenge

For Instant Challenge, the topics on the Prep Checklist are:

  • which Team Members will be solving the Instant Challenge
  • the Instant Challenge Promise
    • that your team will not talk about the Instant Challenge to others
    • your team knows nothing about the Instant Challenge you are about to solve

For Team Challenge, the topics on the Prep Checklist are:

  • Clarifications
    • a reminder that the team should review Published Clarifications
    • Team Clarifications requested by your team will be supplied to the appraisers
  • Safety restrictions on a team's solution
    • a list of common exclusions from the Safety sections of the Rules of the Road
    • a list of materials that need to be used carefully 
    • explanations of use of chemicals
    • the need for foot coverings that protect the soles of team members feet
  • Checklist of the required elements of the Team Challenge
  • which Team Members will be participating in the solution presentation
  • Acknowledgment of any Interference
  • A script of the performance if not conducted in the primary language of the tournament

How the Prep Checklist and other forms are delivered to the appraisers varies from tournament to tournament.  This topic covers various means.