Many volunteers support the running of the DI program in an affiliate as discussion in the introduction to the Resource Area.

The Affiliates=>manage roles page will setup affiliate roles such as Regional Directors, Challenge Masters for the affiliate.

  • An AD or AA can setup any role within the affiliate
  • An RD can setup roles within their regions

The controls at the top of the page are broken into 2 groups:

  1. Filter controls that limit the listing of roles at the bottom of the page
    If you have many roles, use these controls to limit what is displayed.

  2. Action controls that help add new roles in the affiliate
    • The Add Role button will add a new role -- use the drop down above the button to select the role you wish to add.  For more detail click here.
    • The Add Prior Years Roles button will replicate last years roles to this season.  This is typically used at the start of a new season particularly if many of the same people will be filling the same roles.  This button will not override any role choices already in place; it will simply add anyone from last year that is not currently on the list.

The current list of roles in the affiliate (or region for an RD), are listed at the bottom of the page.  There 2 additional controls for each role in the table:

  1. the icon will delete the role
  2. the icon will edit the role

These roles are listed for other to see in the Affiliates => view page.  When viewing your affiliate, the Name column on this page includes links to send email to a person holding these roles.  Individuals fulfilling these roles should expect that they might be contacted by others within their affiliate with regard to there expertise within the affiliate.  For more on this topic click here.