A region within an affiliate is a bit more complex that you might first expect.  A region:

  • can be associated with zero or more team (the teams that will compete at its tournament)
  • a set of people that assist in running the region (eg RDs and RCMs)
  • a set of events that can include
    • the regional tournament
    • training events

As is illustrated in the screen shot below, the name and description of the region can be edited and saved here. If you wish to change the teams assigned to a region, change regional roles, or change regional events, you click the appropriate button to go to that feature. 

Much of this information is established fairly early in the season.  An exception to that is the Regional Team Info Lock checkbox. As you approach a tournament, the competition rooms are defined as is the schedule.  At this point, you likely don't want teams changing information such as their challenge or level.  Checking this box will inhibit teams from changing this information.  They will need to contact you to do so. This should lead to you knowing the adjustments that will be necessary to accommodate the change.