The Affiliates menu manages the following information about an affiliate:

  • affiliate regions through Affiliates=>manage regions (more here)
  • affiliate roles through Affiliates=>manage roles (more here)
  • affiliate appraisers through Affiliates=>view appraisers (more here)
  • affiliate events through Affiliates=>manage events (more here)
  • affiliate attributes through Affiliates=>manage affiliate (more here)

Anyone with an account can view the current regions, roles and events. ADs and RDs also have the ability to make changes.

For information about teams within the affiliate, see the Teams menu (more here).

For those new to DI organizational structure here is some more detail:

If an affiliate is large enough, it is often sub-divided into regions. Teams geographically within the region are assigned to the region. Most regions have a tournament where the teams in that region compete. The region is typically managed by a Regional Director (RD) who likely arranges the tournament. The region may also have Regional Challenge Masters (RCMs) that are experts in a specific challenge and assist in managing activities around that challenge in the region.

Teams that win at the regional level advance to the affiliate tournament. Affiliate Challenge Masters (ACMs) are also experts in a specific challenge. They often assist the recruiting and training the RCMs.

AD, RD, ACM, and RCM are all DI program roles. The AD has the ability to assign people with DI Accounts (ie the credentials to log into this site) to these roles within their affiliate and regions.  An RD has the ability to assign people to roles within their regions.

A tournament is an event. This website supports the AD setting the dates of such event for others to see. The AD can also create training events.