In this internet age, most of us are concerned about others having access to information that might result in unwanted email. When people take on roles in an affiliate, being accessible via email is a part of many positions.  A team manager may wish to contact a Challenge Master to ask about a challenge.  A team coordinator might want to contact an Regional Directors about aspects of an upcoming tournament.

DIHQ takes what we hope is a pragmatic approach to providing contact information:

  • public information (not requiring a DI Account) is limited to ADs and RDs
  • from your DI Account, you can get contact information for ADs,AAs, ATDs, ATNDs, ACMs, RDs, RTDs, RTNDs, RCMs in your affiliate for the current program year
  • others such as AB or BOT are listed but without contact information
  • this information is available for one person at a time rather than as a list that could be easily turned into an email list

Note that this information is not available for prior seasons or to people outside your affiliate.

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