The appraisers appraising at a tournament are generally known well in advance of the tournament.  It may be the practice of the officials at the tournament to do:

  • final assignment of scoring items to appraisers the morning of the tournament
  • final choice of instant challenge the morning of the tournament

These activities are done the same the morning of the tournament as they would be prior to the tournament. It is important to coordinate this activity between the Head Appraiser in the challenge room and the Scoring Team in the Score Room.  It just creates more work if the Scoring Team has to import the appraisers more than once.

Sending a Score Room person with a laptop or tablet to each site to verify the assignments tends to settle any last minute changes.

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It is also important to note who will be scoring using the Mobile Client and who will be using paper. The Score Room needs to know whether to expect paper scores or not from an appraiser.