Importing your tournament rooms lets you control the rooms created.  You can:

  • choose the names used for the rooms (Create Starter Room names the rooms for you)
  • chose the levels you want in each Team Challenge room
  • chose the challenges and levels you want in each Instant Challenge room

The alternative, Create Starter Rooms, uses some heuristics to create the rooms that you can then edit.  If you know the rooms you want, Import Rooms is likely quicker.

The columns in the .CSV file are:

  • room name
  • kind: TC or IC
  • challenge letter
    • use A, B, C, D, E, RS, or PO to designate the team challenge of a tc room
    • use IC as the challenge in an ic room
  • challenge levels: is a semi-colon separated list of levels
    • example: EL;SL is elementary and secondary levels
    • the levels you can use are RS, EL, ML, SL and UL
  • tc subset: in an IC room designates the challenge in the room
    • is a semi-colon separated list of challenges
    • example: E;PO say the IC room supports challenge E or PO