Edit Room for an Instant Challenge (IC) room looks a bit different than the TC variant.

Below is a screen shot of our sample schedule for ic-el-1.  It differs from editing the properties of a TC room by:

  • using a green background rather than the blue
    You will find this throughout the scheduler as a simple reminder as to whether you are dealing with TC or IC
  • challenges can be selected in the Room Properties area
    An IC room is typically organized around a level rather than a challenge, so you can choose both challenge and level.

In our sample schedule, redistributing the challenges would better balance the load for the appraisers.  The following mix does this:

  • ic-el-1: has the 14 tech and sci teams
  • ic-el-2: has the 14 arts teams
  • ic-el-3: has the remaining 10 teams (impr, eng, serv)

To accomplish this:

  1. when editing IC room ic-el-1, uncheck the impr and serv challenges
    The page will report that a number of teams (those in the unchecked challenges) were unassigned.
  2. use Select Room area Instant dropdown to select ic-el-3 to edit this room
  3. from Edit Room ic-el-3, check impr and serv
  4. go back to Setup Rooms and click the Assign Teams button to reassign the unassigned teams to their new rooms