If you need to remove an Appraiser from an Appraiser Team do the following:

  1. pick Tournaments=>mobile scoring
  2. click on the Appraisers by Room tab
  3. pick your challenge room

Click on the icon in the row for the Appraiser you wish to remove.

Warning: this will delete all their scores as a member of this Appraiser Team.

To add an Appraiser to the team, do the following:

  1. pick Tournaments=>appraisers
  2. click on the Appraiser Teams tab
  3. click the in the Select column for your challenge room

This should display the Appraiser team on the right side of the page. Click the Add Appraiser button to add another appraiser.  Click here for detailed instructions on adding the Appraiser.

Once the Appraiser is added, you will need to assign them items to score.  This is done by clicking on the icon in the Asg column. Click here for detail instruction on assigning score items.