Once an Appraiser submits their scores, they can no longer change them.

If it becomes necessary to change submitted scores, as a Challenge Master, Head Appraiser or Appraiser Team Organizer do the following:

  1. pick Tournaments=>mobile scoring
  2. click on the Teams by Room tab
  3. pick your challenge room

You should see a table of the teams your Appraiser team is appraising.  To change an Appraiser's scores for a team, click the icon in the detail column for the team whose scores need to change.  You should now see the current scores for this team by Appraiser.  Find the column for the Appraiser whose score need to be changed. Change the toggle under their name to unsubmitted.  The icon should change to indicating the scores are now unsubmitted.

The Appraiser will need to return to Team List and click the Refresh All Team Data button to see that the team is now unsubmitted.

Consider whether your Score Room should be notified of the change as they may need to re-import the Appraiser's new scores when she re-submits.