At the end of the nominating process, an email will be sent to each of the nominees asking them to apply to be an Official at the upcoming Global Finals.  This topic describes the Application process.

The Email with the link

Email asking nominees to apply is typically sent in the December or January prior to Global Finals.  The timing varies considerably based on the number of people nominated, the number of Officials needed, and the response rate.  All of these can be difficult to predict for a given year.

The email a nominee receives contains a link to the DIHQ Events website.  When you follow the link, it will take you to a page that asks a few questions:

  1. are you planning on attending
  2. are you at least 18 years of age
  3. which Affiliate are you representing

If you are not planning on attending or are underage, you cannot be an Official.  As for the affiliate question, parts of the website rely on knowing this so we like to take care of it early.

If you have a DI Account, you will be directed to the login page.  Once you log in, you can apply using Officials=>apply.

If you do not have a DI Account, we will collect the info needed and help you get a DI Account setup.   Once you log in, you can apply using Officials=>apply.

Filling out the Application

The application has 2 main goals:

  • we let you know the jobs available and when you would be needed to fill each job
  • you tell us about your preferences for specific jobs

These goals are addressed in the following steps:

  1. review the categories of Officials we need
    Here you will prioritize the categories where you would like to help out.  In terms of the selection process, most people are given a job in the category they chose as first.  Your second choice is considered if the first category is oversubscribed. 

    When you select one or more categories and press the Continue button, panes will appear in the wizard menu giving you an opportunity to indicate your job preferences within the selected categories.

    Checkout the table at the bottom of the pane for when housing will become available to you and the time of your first meeting.

  2. visit the category panes to specify your job preferences in each of the categories
    The jobs in each category differ.  Many of the jobs in Team Challenge and Instant Challenge will be familiar to Appraisers that appraised in their affiliate. To find out a bit more about a specific job, hover your mouse over the job name.  A tool-tip should provide a brief description.

    If you find you made a mistake in selecting a category, click on the Categories pane in the wizard near the top of the page.  You will be directed back to step #1 where you can change your selections.

    Some jobs (particularly head appraisers) are negotiated in advance by the International Challenge Masters. If you have been approached, please check this as your first choice.  If you are interested in such a role but not approached, feel free to select it to show your interest, but also choose additional positions.

  3. describe your experience that would qualify you for an Officials job
    There are 2 panes that let you describe your prior experience.  The first pane is particularly important for jobs in Team Challenge and Instant Challenge. Note that appraisal teams need a mix of experience (we don't just look for people that have been prior appraisers at Global Finals). Provide this information even if you prefer to work in the Non-Appraising category.  Officials that are appraising may have a last minute emergency where we need to find a replacement.

    The second experience pane covers your experience with teams, the languages you speak, and any mobility issues we should know about. Global Finals includes teams whose native language is other than English.  Your language skills could be very helpful here.

    Many jobs at Global Finals involve long days.  An appraiser might see their first team of the day at 8:00am and the last at 6:00pm spaced at 18 minute intervals.  While much thought is put into breaks and meals, you do need to have the stamina to keep this up for several days. We also need to know if climbing up and down off a stage would be an issue for you.  Global Finals is likely very similar to your affiliate tournament but bigger, so use that as a guide when letting us know about special needs and mobility issues.

  4. confirm your application
    Your application is not complete until you confirm it.  Furthermore, you won't be able to confirm it if we find issues. Click here for more on confirming your application.