Global Finals Jobs

Global Finals jobs are divided into 4 categories:

  • Non-Appraising: 
    These jobs vary widely from registration to souvenir sales.  None of the jobs includes assigning team scores. 
  • Score Room:
    These jobs center on data entry of scores and managing the large number of score sheets associated with a tournament the size of Global Finals.  None of the jobs includes assigning team scores. 
  • Team Challenge:
    Jobs in this category focus on appraising the Team Challenge each team has solved.  You must have appraised the challenge(s) you select at either the Affiliate or Regional level to qualify for these jobs.
  • Instant Challenge:
    Jobs in this category involve appraising Instant Challenge.  Most require you to have recent experience appraising Instant Challenge.

In addition to having the requisite skills, you also need to be onsite at Global Finals for specific days to fulfill the job.  The table at the bottom of the first pane of the Application (the introduction), lists when housing opens for various jobs and the first meeting.

Further detail on a specific job is displayed if you hover your mouse over it on the panes where you give your preference for specific jobs.