<element> constructs describe the inputs to be collected by the online form.

Below is a list of the <element> types as of the writing of this help.  More will be added as needed in the future.

  • para - paragraph
  • phrase - a shorter text description
  • choice - creates a dropdown
  • checkbox - creates a checkbox
  • video - captures a team video URL on Youtube
  • image - for a picture
  • attachment - capture a file such as PDF
  • exp_item - a team expense item
  • there are also some specialized elements to handle
    • the sum of an expense report and different currencies
    • kids on a team in attendance


<element type="phrase" max="150" name="tce1-phrase">

               What is your Team Choice Element 1?


       <element type="para" max="1000" name="tce1-desc">

               Please write a brief description of your Team Choice Element. Make sure that Appraisers know 

               <b>exactly</b> what you want them to evaluate. What would you like them to know about the Team Choice Element?


       <element type="choice" lid="visual-genre" name="visual-genre" 

               choices="architecture=Architecture; drawing=Drawing; ceramics=Ceramics; fashion=Fashion Design; graphic=Graphic Design;

                               painting=Painting; photography=Photography; printmaking=Print Making; sculpture=Sculpture">

               Table 1 Visual Art Genre


       <element type="attachment" clid="tc-script" name="tc-script" submit="optional">

               Video Script