Each livedoc has livedoc construct as the root of the document.  Below is an example of a livedoc construct for an expense report.

<livedoc doc_type="exp" tc_letter="A" year="2024" attrs="limit=200">

       <part name="a_exp">

               <include file="exp_table"></include>

               <include file="receipt"></include>



The attributes of a <livedoc> construct include:

  • doc_type: exp (expense report), tdf (tournament data form), prep (prep checklist)
  • tc_letter: states the letter designation for the challenge of the livedoc (A: for the technical challenge)
  • year: indicates the program year
  • attr: contains attributes that further describe the livedoc (limit indicates the budget limit for the challenge is $200)
    These attributes frequently are referenced in the livedoc text.

Nested within a <livedoc> construct you might see:

  • <part> constructs discussed here
  • <include> constructs that indicate nested detail can be found in another file
    Most <include>s will be referenced in multiple <livedocs>.  This makes it easier to ensure sections of a document that need to be identical are.
  • <element> constructs discussed here